and we are excited to share OUR STORY with you.

Let us begin with some details about us.



Vincenzo's family has been in the shoemaking business for generations. He discovered his passion for footwear when he was a little boy “playing” with his father's tools in their bottega in Castellamare, Napoli, which has become our production laboratory.

He was named “Il Maestro” by some of the most recognized Italian brands as a distinction for his crafstmanship creating footwear.

His amazing skills have taken him to teach his art in different places of Italy and around the world, such as Dubai.


Luca's family has been in the business world for more than 70 years. His grandfather founded a souvenir store in the heart of Anacapri, in the 1950's. His father carried on with the business, allowing Luca to gain his first working experience as a salesman.

His love for creating unique footwear has taken him to work as a salesman and a cobbler in several cities such as Bodrum, Miami and Paris. Still his heart always belonged to Capri.


Our story began when we met, more than 10 years ago in our previous job at Capri Island.

A strong friendship was immediately born and after a while, a collaboration began. Luca helped Vincenzo sell his handmade creations: sandals and shoes for men and women. Vincenzo taught Luca the art of creating handmade sandals.

As we worked together, we realized it would be great to start our own footwear business. We would create something authentic with our own hands from beginning to end.

Our esteem, admiration and individual skills strenghtened to the point of deciding to follow our dreams and establish La Capri Chic, our source of pride and undescribable satisfaction.


La Capri Chic represents the sum of our life experiences that have come together to offer a unique experience to our customers in our boutique in Anacapri and all over the world through our online store. 

We aim for top notch quality and we pay the greatest attention to every detail when crafting our products. Each pair of sandals is created with our hands using 100% Italian materials.

Our clients can personalize their sandals by choosing different colors, jewels, heels and soles. They can even engrave their initials on their pair.

This is why La Capri Chic is not the typical footwear business that can be found in Sorrento, The Amalfi Coast, Positano, or the streets of Capri.

Our mission is that every client feels happy with their sandals, created exclusively for them.